ISC Touch 250 skimmer operates via Bluetooth technology, adeptly snatching card data as customers swipe and covertly recording their PINs using an overlay on the PIN pad.

Enabled with Bluetooth capabilities skimmers facilitate remote data retrieval within a significant range—approximately 30 meters—from the compromised card terminal.

This skimmer is very popular used in many stores. The overlay skimmers incorporate salvaged components from Samsung smartphones which provide stable signal. Overlay Ingenico ICT250 adopt a cunning mechanism where it automatically transmit pilfered card data and PINs. Connection to skimmers via Bluetooth—simply by entering the PIN “2024” on a Bluetooth-enabled device. With skimmer comes detailed step by step instruction + operating software.

Skimmer have built in memory + Bluetooth function, so data could be collected in two ways. Saved in overlay skimmer memory or retrieved via Bluetooth.

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