This is a new and improved EMV Shimmer – ATM Skimmer that can secretly be inserted into the card slot. It is a small card-sized tool that contains an embedded microchip and flash storage, which intercepts credit card data has stored undetected. Unlike other ATM Skimmers or Deep Insert Skimmers, this one can be used to retrieve data from most of products that accept credit / debit cards like in-store POS terminals, ATMs, vending machines, and gas pumps. It records the data being shared between the card’s chip and the terminal or ATM and can collect all data.

Each EMV Shimmer has two sets of digital card validation codes, one for the magnetic stripe and another for the EMV chip, which card issuers keep on file to verify the authenticity of every card transaction. The special EMV software used with this EMV Shimmerl allows it to generate the iCVC code, enabling it to approve SDA DDA and CDA. It can even store PIN codes, and unlike other classical skimmers, it can create a cloned card that is authenticated as real and hasn’t been tampered with, allowing for withdrawal of cash from ATMs without any issues.

The device is very thin and doesn’t need a power supply, fitting perfectly into the ATM card slot – entrance of smart card readers. It can retrieve power from the card reader as it copies the original card. It can operate in a wide range of temperatures and stores up to 10,000 data records in its memory. This EMV Shimmer is capable of defrauding banks and merchants who may not be paying close attention to their card security protocols.

This EMV Shimmer device has been created to be affixed to the top inside of a credit card reader that is enabled for chip reading, with the intention of skimming credit card information through the EMV chip. There are two key advantages to this method: Firstly, there’s no need to open up the gas pump, ATM or other machine to install the device. Secondly, it’s incredibly difficult to detect, even during routine maintenance checks.

In order to make the device slim enough to fit into the card reader without causing any mechanical interference, it has been built using a polyimide film flexible PCB. We offer best PCBs price in market.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact us via Telegram: If you would like to place an order, you can do so by going through the checkout procedure.

This product comes with installation and operation manuals. Using this tool is easy, and you don’t need any professional skills as it is a plug-and-play device.

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